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which are recorded it appears that vaginal injections now and then
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severer cases it was, of course, necessary to lift the patient into the
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an act of courtesy among friends, and can not well be claimed as a right.
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The infant, aged 3 months, strong and well-nourished,
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hospital, with what will be a very useful if not a very shapely limb.
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monly in a day or two. The admission of air alone might result in a sponta-
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bestowed on the development of the body will yield high in-
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the pattern "Lady Bountiful," they pour worthless drugs, about which
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pany higher up the stream ; but the large accession of fresh
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tests will be simple, and will be used to determine nor-
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remarks, that he has strong reason to believe that many patients, affected with
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surgical interference is early, and thus, as a rule, good in the primary
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Paralysis of the musculo-spiral nerve by compression is accepted by
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Births and Deaths, which post he held until a few weeks ago. In
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may be strengthened so as to give enlarged efficiency
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this means my heart ^will escape. Dr. Wilkes thinks
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ment, and is really no reliable guide to the amount of useful radiation. We say
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emaciation, unsteady gait, stifiFness or lameness, lies most of the
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in human nature, and they ought to be made use of. Who does not. know that
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thrombosis it will be pointed out how frequently, especially in young people
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Dr. Percy Kicld's Catie of Congenital Morhus Cordis. 219