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ness, without other symptoms of importance, or the marked

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trunks are sectioned on the right side, pain is not

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In one case tiie lesions had been upon the face and extremities

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cases it is a very valuable procedure and that the risk run by

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4. Pemphigus Chronicus Vulgaris of the Larynx and Mouth.

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not used up, it is decomposed and elimi- much depressed for on account of this

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theory and its scientific verification, like other facts of this

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Spencer Wells. Here the skin incision and the application of the clamp were

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lining, and, in cases of atrophy from cirrhosis, a greater or less number

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High-pressure tubing consists of the necessary length of high-

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joints. The sum of these painful joints and muscles

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accordingly the earlier that occurs the healthier may the condition of the

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patient loses memory, and insanity even may follow.

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of lithotrity, and it is possible, or, rather, highly probable, that it will entirely

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also postpone defervescence beyond the usual time. Not infrequently

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" The tubes of the cell-containing network are about the 1-lOOOth of an inch

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3. — Provide yourself with some good healthy chickens, never

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by Lister, in which lateral incisions are practised.

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which they occupy. The truth of this admission is as

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Dr. Henry O. Marcy, of Boston, read a paper on the "Surgical

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shall be thoroughly under the control of the surgeon, so

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If eclampsia occur, what treatment is most effective ? If the sub-

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we come correctly to estimate the soothing effect of vanity and self-love, it

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or liorehountl, until tlie eschars fall off: then vetches with honey, or turpentine, re-

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stantiated, shows, beyond all question, that during