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98 Erosions and Ulcerations of the Triangular Cartilage of the

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tial. In serious cases the urine should be collected for

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57 'The Family Physician's Treatment and Prevention of Puru-

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3. The Treatment of Laryngitis. O. T. Fbeeb, Chicago.

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he has tried to cut short or cure a case of this fever with quinin

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body, after repeated tests, declared the serum to be of

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below the costal border in the right nipple line. The liver

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bacteria require an alkaline medium. Local application of

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out the loss of a drop of blood to obscure the field. It is es-

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the consideration of tbe law, formerly known as Senate 4300, tbn

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ous nature. They consisted of epithelioma of the lid and hand

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culosis already in the system of the patient, the proxi-

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About 30 c.c. were evacuated and the pain ceased. In a ease of

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SSJi^' Aipnonse, l,os au ^wart, B. H., Kansas City.

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your Board would suggest that the secretaries give preference

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The lectures should not be intended to intimidate men, but

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retard absorption. I have not made use of any other

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The Chairman, Dr. Johnson : That would be very unwise. The

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tinued for a long time. In the other 16 cases complete disap-

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amounts. A weak digestible food with special precautions

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19 *An Extreme Case of Simple Anemia. Rolfe Floyd and WlUlnm

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the nuclear staining properties of the tissues had not been

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extraordinary efforts during the intermission of the last year