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As long as we confine ourselves to these, we advance at every step, and

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hebd. 1885, No. 27.-37. Dujardin-Baumetz and Oettinger. Union mid. 1884, Nos.

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exaltation, or sometimes even lead to insanity and suicide.

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perplexities, domestic troubles, grief, disappoint-

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first edition of Types of Mankind), and will contain about six hundred

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elsewhere. The duodenum was filled with bloody material and clots as were the

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be even desirable in high schools and normal schools.

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for man. The variety of Rickettsia associated with trench fever was first

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colic and intestinal obstruction, but this use is obsolete.

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over and is collected in a gaseous form. Some of the nitrogen is oxidized

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sensitively obedient to the play of the emotions, and

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solution of the dye has acted for a minute or two double

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regiment in the campaign, and walks without perceptible limp (see

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Dr. Talbot considers the occasional use of the speculum very val-

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complete protection against the cardiac affections. He administers about

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"1. Those whose admission is provided for by special statute,

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Upon examination, I found the iris absent in both eyes. The lens,

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heart's substance associated with polypus (Gowing, Leblanc,

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either singly or in groups. When the feet are affected, the vesicles

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is, not that experts have a theory of insanity which they cannot sustain, but

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agreed with the essence of the resolution, but found it too

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increases waste, since* it promotes the transformation of food

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from 1 : 327 to 1 : 52. In only one experiment was a successful result

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Experiment 9. — Three rabbits, after preliminary blood counts, were given

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of sensation, which is variable in degree and location.

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which I propose to offer some general remarks, is Leucorrhcea,

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hair and dresses. There are no paralytic disturbances.

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Hibbert Hill, Boston ; The Observation of Odors as an Essential