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The president, J. Heber Smith, M.D., Boston, next delivered

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"The Worship of Shakspeare," by Frothingham ; "Reminis-

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William B. Pritchard was born in Baltimore, Maryland, June 12,

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11. Are not many powerful drugs used in as large doses as by

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cent [vide North- American Journal of Homoeopathy, iii. 503].

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He was consulting physician to Bellevue Hospital, to the Nursery and

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N. W. Emerson, M.D., of Dorchester, has received the appointment of recording

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numerous patients requiring surgical treatment who de-

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patient is best turned on her side in bed by lifting up one side

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administered, in which the homoeopathic physician does not

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Athletic, New York Riding and the Sleepy Hollow Country.

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some professorships. He was a member of several scientific and pro-

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cheerful, as the doctors and nurses alike seek to cultivate

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solely because, among the many eminent physicians and 1

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fiction may legitimately be employed as a means to an end, instead

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Dr. Dudley of Philadelphia reporting for the special committee

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and consideration for all his patients, he being their friend as well

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died in 1881, at the age of eighty-six years. After his

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Dr. Alonzo Boothby has removed from 19 Joy Street to Hotel Hamilton, Clar-

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Dr. Haynes entered upon the practice of his profession in New

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