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Jan. 11. Annual Meeting, 7 p. m., collation at 9.30 p. M.

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II. The tubes of Schrotter left immovable in the larynx cause

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are restricted to the connective tissues as their proper field of action,

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(1) Prepare a 1 :10 tungstic acid filtrate of blood, or, prefer-

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Institute there has been no instance in which the two diseases

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spring of 1898. The stools of a typhoid patient appear to have been

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Wesselhoeft read a carefully prepared and interesting paper on

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monia from the blood tube; B is the ml of 0.01071 N sulfuric acid

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I. Pass successively through acetone, equal parts of acetone and

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Fig. 205. — Case V. Plate taken about two and a half months before

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poor quaUty. No murmurs are heard. The pulse-rate is 60.

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diluent is supplied ready for use. The pH should be

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(5) Colorimetric measurement. The unknown and standard

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(a) Inoculate a glucose infusion agar slant, or a series of

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decline. The right testicle is credited with being most frequently affected.

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d. Discussion. Normal sera in the presence of this reagent have

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/. Sodium Sulfate Acid-ether Triton Technic for Concen-

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Chas. Sturtevant, M. D., presented a paper on " The Duties and

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has continued and has emphasized the vahdity of Picque's

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sugar. However, the reductions of both Cu ++ and Mo + + ++++ be-

antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which

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the normal. This was as high as it had been when she left the

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irritant under suitable conditions will at once allow the granulations to

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It is naturally more fatal in winter and spring than in summer and

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on behalf of more than one organism. There is pretty general agreement

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In the morning, pour off the clear serum from the side

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ducing antitoxines. Enzymes and toxines alone can do this. These substances can

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in the serum are titrated. If the titer is satisfactory, the

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correct use of any of these digestants except clorox.

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often difficult to find the organisms, but cultivation is still possible.

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(2) In place of the 0.1 N HC1 one may use 0.1 molar NaCl or

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How morbid or lazy, or both, must a farmer be to go into his

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Upon request of her instructor, Dr. Geo. D. Wilcox, Mrs.

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transmits these diseases to man. It is world-wide in distribution,

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authors, many of which are already obsolete, as is done, for ex-

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teenth day. We may tabulate the main distinctions between the diseases

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