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ines were of frequent occurrence in every country of Europe during
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intensified as though in the fiercest sunlight, while some of the pictures
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their poisonous action is not the same as their remedial action. When-
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Select Committee, " that a medical practitioner is acting in a
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association of the symptoms with abdominal pain. An appendicitis
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part of the apparatus of breathing which for the time has its respi-
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and Inspector's report on the final examination of the Uni-
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on accoimt of the marked periodicity of the attacks, and authors
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Newcastle is an interesting town from both an ancient and
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Irreffu/arities in Burials : Eridence of Dr. Hoffman. — Scotch
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The Bacillus tuberculosis was first identified by Koch in 1882,
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came under my observation ; eacli casehas to be taken, so to speak, on
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logical work, specially in its bearings on antiseptics and im-
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lung, 423, 6-55, 1152 ; infra-maxillary incision in
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the part of the patients, and is best treated by taking an alcoholic
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had the good sense absolutely^ to decline to go outside his
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where it was more prominent and harder to the touch. The-
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■!'. Tait, :19, 92, 137; meeting of council of, 1,54
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is hardly time for the induction of many of the leading symx^toms
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the attention of pathologists and surgeons in different parts of the
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The forms as well as the nature of diarrhea are very \:aried. One
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The section applies to all oaths whatsoever. The initiative rests with
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serious feature in them is that they often seem to secrete poisons which
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Perth Sick Nursing Societi/.—The Seceetary then read a
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Metropolitan Counties Branch.— The annual meeting of this Branch
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I am inclined to think that cocaine will eventually be re-
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tion ID the ppring of 1SH2. and was admitted to :the Manchester Roval In-
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such cases the mucous membrane is ever}"where reddened. Vomiting,
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There is no reason why the peripheral sedative effects of the
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matic Fever. In acute tonsillitis the affection is often cut short by full
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forming it into a school of supplemental instruction for
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Dr. David W. Cheever, Professor of Surgery at Harvard.
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are found, which become surrounded by fibrous tissue. These fibroid
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burn, 2:i sin Suoderlaud, and 24.7 in Liverpool. In the thirty-two pro-
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only by observing and comparing the changes attending the
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sp)eech are properly co-ordinated, so a lesion of these fibers may easily
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philia occurs in childhood, the worse the prospect. We seem, how-