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supposed, has frequently found cardiac hypertrophy, especially of the left

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Rabbits were then immunized with the mixture. Immune reactions were

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it can neither limit nor control. Whether such actions have any

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at the time of the accident except by obnervation of the facies.

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that terminated fatally, where the heads were allowed to be

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Chart 3. — Following administration of nitroglycerin there is a rapid fall in both

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nothing had been found which could claim to be a specific for the disease.

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14 observed between December 1919 and June 1920, and on 15 cases seen

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Sherrington, C. S. The Integrative Action of the Nervous System. Constable,

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of leukemia. Attention was also called to the report of cases of

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whereas in other organs these tissues not only increase in growth, but not

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was found in the case which contained so much urobilin in the bile,

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of the natural course. From this impression, Dr Wheaton, as

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Examination of the hypertrophied tissue revealed the most

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bright red blood. No cause was found even after the abdomen was

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The therapeutic effect of this form of treatment is illustrated

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whereas such a history was obtained only in a third of the patients who

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tion is attributed by Bamberger to its relaxing the spasm of the arteries of

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Mittel zu ihrer Bekiimpfung. Med. Klin., 1921, 17, 213-15.

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The clinical investigations of oedema of recent years have tended to

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years I have interrogated patients with special care in the endeavor

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and untreated, has been but (eleven) 16 per cent, while last year it

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bleeding was repeated in the left jugular vein, and a complete

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tion is attributed by Bamberger to its relaxing the spasm of the arteries of

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