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cal officers, except in urgent cases ; but men must not be allowed to suffer, and
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made to aid us in the prognosis of tuberculosis, but
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least, or if, from any circumstance, the patient is compelled to take only
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and blepharospasm, (Berillon); obsessions (Liebault,
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the outlines but actually dissected the human body and made beautiful
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average of 41 to 84 per cent of the total white cells. When the
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strains, but also from time to time in the same strain. Some strains com-
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air and water that they felt unplea.Hant. This method
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a special corps of medical inspectors and disinfectors
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the end ; for now, if nothing occurs to interfere with the normal progress
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Hays, for middle ear trouble. He relieved her promptly
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sheaths by a V-shaped flap, the apex of the flap looking to the wrist ; the fingers
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534 Bcporfs, Retrospects, and Scientific Intelligence.
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tions for their use. Preceding the paper proper are cer-
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face. There are circumpilar papulo-pustules, which commence insidiously,
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Dr. E. A. FoUansbee reported a case of difficult diagnosis. A chil^, six years
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postponed until after all swelling and irritation had subsided. The result is
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vulsellum, cutting off a portion, and then groping in a deluge of
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crease in the tuberculo- and staphylococcus opsonins respectively,
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Cleopatra, transported the library of Pergamos to Alex-
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Bowles, of Hammonton, N. J.; J. T. Grant, of Pulaski,
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from such a source such a high opinion of an Am.erican
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esculenta). Arch. d. sc. med. . . . de Bucaiest, Par., 1897,
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fever which liappened a/rtr //wr.« ago at Grove Villa. It was only from
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of palsy, as the varieties and relations of the malady are so nume-
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The appointments announced for competition will be filled up fi'ora the
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tions were found in a neighboring gland, but as yet no attempt