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the first sound is common over the heart strained in youth and
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the bullet track. There was some slight bulging of the intercostals at the lower
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men ; in this respect the affection is similar to the more ordinary forms
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10) Schmidt, Beitragezur Kenntnissder Milch, Dorpat, 1871.
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(7%) were not physicians. The rest of this report will focus
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joint, as it will be seen that the drainage-tubes had to be left in for six
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long, and fits the syringe by means of a Joint, so that it
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observation, two thirds were in the left kidney. The results of the
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Your feelings, I trust, will be in unison with mine,
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dose is ^2 wineglassful, which may be frequently repeated.
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paracentral lobule) produce descending degeneration through-
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multiplied the human race, and happily invoked the goddess of
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ing was leaving her thighs, and she died on the 18th, five days after
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officer, and the vaccination would be done in the second or third year, and
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n W' eight would further the inclination to continue with greater quan-
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was not rapidly fatal, but came on slowly, lasted five weeks or
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In the discussion of Dr. Davis' paper this morning we were
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(peritonitis, endocarditis, nephritis, etc.)-. These cases can be easily diagnosed
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testinal invalid, 572; Artificial heliotherapy, the
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viated, common judgment ought to be good for obviating the
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ferior part of the third frontal convolution on the right
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removed in order to prevent collateral circulation and in hopes of impeding
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angiitis (polyarteritis), anaphylactic shock, urticaria,
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appeared, and Doctor Musa would not be remembered but for
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vaccination schedules) and to rapidly vaccinate >90% of
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and progressive increase indicates an arrest of the farther progress of the pnenmook
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Under alopecia areata are comprehended at least five classes of cases : —
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aay to burst : this organ contained two small pyamiic abscesses. The
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as the splenium of the corpus callosum. The optic radiations were, how-
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Symptoms on Admission. — On admission, the patient talks in a loud monotonous
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cold affusion, that the members of the family in order to keep it up