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from October to April, 61°, frost being unknown. Sporadic
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value of leucocytosis in the early diagnosis of amoebic abscess, and
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while in other cases, where there is no perceptible obstruction except a
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with 0.2 cubic centimeter of normal serum. If the extract of antigen is weaker
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places first named are particularly rich in mucous glands, and the tissue
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suspicion of liver abscess had disappeared. The patient was kept in the
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ceeding numbers will contain reports on agricultural conditions in
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cargo, she had developed thirteen cases of the fever. Dr. Har-
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fetid, discolored, emits gas ; and here, too, erosion may take place in
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duration may enable us to form an opinion. The pericarditis which
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spasm of the contractile fibres of the cerebral vessels, and those also of
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cous membrane is but slightly reddened, or is even pale. We often
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If the diaphragm be much pressed upward by the enlarged spleen, or
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studies in Africa in 1905 and 1906 also concluded that the African recurrent
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ever, as in perichondritis laryngea, very distinct phases form natural
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a pearsoup colored, fatty paste is formed, consisting of fat molecules,
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passages may also become the seat of a catarrh, and the flow of mucus
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under my observation, the enlargement of the glands temporarily sub-
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matism with intense fever, die of the heat immediately ; in-
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causes of haemorrhoids, so the casual indications require that such
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of Prussia, in 1767 ; Maximilian Joseph, Elector of Bavaria,
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none. It is not the product of our own soil and climate. The
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The value of the application of sanitary science and its influence on
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infections with ordinary fungi. The lesions are elevated little, if at
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while the periodical abstraction of blood attains the only object that it
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Israel, Oscab. Ueber Actinomyces. Arch. f. path. Anat., etc. (1884), 96, 175
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A few instances might be cited in this connection: Last September
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either difruse, or limited to undefined spots ; and, in a perverted secre-
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chus, the fremitus generally is intensified. It is also rendered stronger
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I may finally repeat that persons, who have suffered a severe haem-
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A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Y>'omen. By T. Gaillard