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Methods for the measurement of renal efficiency were chosen which

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of the naphthaline given passes over into the urine, and

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petent. This heart gave rise to no murmur, strictly so

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This title was followed by a quotation from Leviticus,

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education, largely rests the completeness and permanence of the


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sened by doses of 3 grm. (gr. xlv). But morphine, in doses of one

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veloped in a whole octavo of every day matter. No where is

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It has been established, by experiments on monkeys, that destruction

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lelogram, is held directly in front of the eyes, perpendicular to

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rough and ready fashion by boiling the milk, but it is better to use one of

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and its probable course it was surmised that the di-

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1888 Banham, Henet Feench, M.D., Assington Vicarage, Colchester.

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from the egg of this monstrosity, and its systematic position

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is seen that it should do, under normal conditions, by a com-

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and nearly all its posterior surface and a great part of its

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tracings taken by him from cases of this kind, as confirming

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degree of malignancy is observed in the beginning, or very soon thereafter.

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scopic organism under the name of Cryptocoeeus xantho-

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out its whole body ; for the air having traversed the lungs, is thence con-

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(15) Syphilitic Disease of the Optic Nerve: John E. Harper, Chicago.

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A difference of opinion has long existed as to the mode of origin

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new-born infants, 80.6 per cent, showed rickets. Fede and Cacace, at

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the distances to be covered were as great and the facilities to do

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hour; it had the happiest effect in removing a most violent attack of

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can be seen from Tables II and III, this is by no means the case.

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disinfecting lotions, the fluids in every instance running into the dish

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devotion of medicine to it's sublime end, is one of the greatest, if not

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respiratory muscles lift the ribs. Exercise of these mus-

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Two or three drachms of mezereon bark, boiled down with

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as in purpura, actual rupture of their walls. In addition, in some cases there is

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ensues, its progress should be favoured by fomentations or poultices."

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of further attention; he is not qualified to educate

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as a columnella by three saw cuts, which were described

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3 Munch, med. Woch., 1907, No. 29. 4 Berlin, klin. Woch., 1908, No. 13.

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