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prevailed both within and outside the profession —

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different size, two of them being large enough to hold twenty

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the pyloric half of the stomach and small intestine;" and again, in a suc-

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untrue one of " Irritants, Narcotics, and Narcotico-Irritants."

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ing general results prove the great influence of the nerves in

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do osteotomy, but in 160 cases he had to resort to osteo-


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water, add the honey and the syrup, and lastly the powder.

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ent affections have been confounded under the general name of consumption, but

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survival. The anoBsthetist concurred, antl expressed the opinion

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opinion, that if encouraged and assisted, they would all become

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enforced upon him. In 1871 and 1872 he lived in Kansas, and while

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extreme rigidity of the foot failure was feared, so the pa-

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du pouce. Bull. Soc. anat. de Par., 1857, xxii, 209.— Tay-

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who died in one instant, apparently of syncope, as she was about to

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plantar surfaces. Blood and spinal fluid tested for Wassermann

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disposed. The presence of lymph, here, as in other serous inflammatioofi

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Apparently, in time ot flood these dispositions offered

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the employees, so that there shall be only liealthy persons on the

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under broad arches, and could throw lightning glances upon

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" A few years ago two sailors were poisoned at the Cape of

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reference to the other embolic conditions enumerated, it will be under-

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tar present; biceps, triceps, radial, patellar, and achil-

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are frequently treated by lancing the gum in the hope of liberating supposedly

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IX. -That there bo two or more examinations on Professional aubjecta,

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dread of liquids is so much more pressing and constant

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be the free base of methylene blue, which gives a reddish color and

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of northern and temperate climates. Cold and dampness, and especially

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tion terminated in resolution, organization, suppuration, and gangrene.

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mentioned, was given every four hours. At 11 p.m., June 19,

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the organs gave a reaction with iodine. A nodule was

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ter, should there be any collection to wash out. The patient was then

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From beneath a lifted corner of a partly used bale of hay a portion of

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and lustre of the iris, commencing adhesions of the iris to the lens

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times a draft of water or the hand will clear the passage,

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Dip a little bit of cotton or lint, on the watery humour that stands in

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much time to the study of the eye and ear. He also determined to open a

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their minds and tire their muscles, and the temptation will depart. Advice

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