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supposed there was no lupus in London, yet the hospitals are now


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it is organized; and in making such rules and regulations the terms

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W. W. Ford and M. 1). Batohelor. Some observations on

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Hopkins Hospital renders it proper to mention the facilities of the

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plies. A deposit of ten dollars is required from each student

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Chronic myocarditis, from the same viewpoint, i. e., that of

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W. Rush Duxton, Jr., M. D., Instructor in Clinical Psychiatry.

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1888-89 ; Professor of Gynecological Surgery in the Johns Hopkins University,

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severation of his first name, which he wrote in a firm and legible

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S. B., Princeton University, 1912; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1916; Assist-

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to students are: The Smithsonian Institution and National

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shown to us was extremely fetid and mingled, and it did contain a

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portance, and men of light and learning in all branches of life

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published a case in which numerous large miliary plaques of the

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Election of Officers. — The House of Delegates announced

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1847, and died very suddenly of angina pectoris on November 23, 1912.

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scientific studies being subject to such modifications as may from

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Eveleth W. Bridgman, M. D., Instructor in Medicine.

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age or expense of carriage in any way. The United States gov-

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volved you will readily understand that the above operative proced-

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and provided also that the requirements in non-medical sicentific

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No student will be permitted to enter upon the work of

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hospital, the medical dispensary service, and the following

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pressed — but she kept up until March 1, when she had to go to bed.

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II. Section teaching is given to each section twice a week

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really very different from the delays due to radical disturbances in

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ounce of refined petroleum put in a cistern twice a week will destroy

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and their relation to the public. In speaking of them it will not

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during his former hospital residence, though the diagnosis of