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the upper eyelid with the forefinger of my left hand; then with the

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and the part wliich the capillaries and minute arterial vessels play in

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nausea and also vomiting, point to the use of Iris in cholera like

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is very uncertain as to the periods and duration of its attacks, sometimes


During the summer of 1843, the young gentleman whose case has

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the medicine was administered in draughts, each of which contained

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a tendency towards early suppuration. Phyto, was given, and in about

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which may produce irritation, or cause a cessation of this salutary pro-

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at once extre^nely rapid, bore venesection badly, and required great

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had been anticipated, and among them were many of the earliest

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Caufe : applied to the Stomach, it repreffes Fits of

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night before had only temporary effect, in fact for about four hours,

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tawny, white, & c. to which we add the following

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tives. On examining the discharge, you find it consisting of lumps of

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serve to determine the diathesis to any organ of the body. A

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possess a much deeper interest, and lead to views of far greater im-

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ring Virtue -, which as they ought to be Stomachick j.

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Thus in September, 1837, Marseilles was attacked for the third time,

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ceived a visit from Mr. Haserick and had learned the manner in which

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state of health, or be strongly affected by mental emotion, the quahty

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imperfectly performed, and a tendency to faintness and sinking ; and

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allowed to enter or leave the quarantined area without special permission

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theria and exposure to filth in two cases occurring

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beginning, local pain, tenderness, and swelling, depend on active inflam-

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vogue. Some of them were resurrected from the discard and put into

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Dr. L. Gr. Lowe had used Petr. for the papular eruptions of the

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was eighty or eighty-four; (I counted the quarter minute.) By

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