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ensues, and in the union of the bile sac with the duodenum
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ganglion was perfect and distinct, as it is in an infant
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applied, not under, but over the clothing. In dressing
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apex-beat of the heart. The veins over the anterior surface
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lent. On October 19, 1882, the left auricle suddenly
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as enteritis ; even more frequently in the abortive forms. Careful
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cal relations of the stomach. Acute gastritis produced, traumatically, by
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siderable, it would be almost impossible to arrest it without then
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day, 6 on the third, 7 on fourth, 1 on fifth, and 1 on sixth; the
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normal systolic pressure. It appears, therefore, that when the heart
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been premifed. Ufed earlier, it is lefs beneficial, and, in fome
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days improved and the patient was then able to par-
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ture it is mentioned that this condition is found to be an occur-
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act as the " last straw " ; but it is much more common for the sun to
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Eye and Ear Infirmary, — Very recently there was a meeting of the
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worthy of their mature confideration, Whether ought we, in
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the Oxford or Cambridge INI.D., after keeping a certain number of terms.
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tutional treatment is that demanded for all acute in-
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latter test of the presence of liquid is not available in all cases. If the
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The dog was bitten only once in the fore-leg. The poison did not
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of nature," when, out of 500,000 men who took the pledge in the
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2. In all other injuries of the hip which must evidently be fol-