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may be employed. Of course, when practicable, nothing is

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did not discover any variation in the symptoms, general or local, either in the cases

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centuries, and it is this invigorating property which the physician wishes to bring

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tion in ear clinics is from ten to twelve per cent of all cases. The plug

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closes the eyes to avoid its rays. At first the general appearance

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Observations on the medical virtues of some of the most prominent

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Symptoms and Coubse. — Hydronephrosis cannot be detected, ex-

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tissues of the muscles. Worse than this, particles of

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three self-inflicted deaths having been due to this drug.

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the site of tJic lesion, and suture the two ends of the nerve

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3. This difference in pH inside minus pH outside solution seems to

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2 p.m. — Child has slept ; cross-sheet wet, and less tinged with

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a family of several — all brought up the same way — be

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the personal su])ervisi(in of one man. Dr. W. T. Hull,

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The uppermost epithelial layer consequently becomes opaque,

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flexion of the uterus ; oophoritis and catarrhal salpingitis of

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tion of which enter very different structures, having only a general

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evidence of diabetes, and the health is in all respects good. I have known