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Society's Transactions,' vol. vii, p. 102, are two cases related by Dr. B. Woodman,

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and without its presence the nervous system would be useless for nervous sen-

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The patient is a young girl of medium stature, especially

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culosis Association. He complains chiefly of cough accom-

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Dr. Danziger, whose experience in laryngeal tuberculosis has

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"Among some a plan is adopted more injurious than any of the above — it con-

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the chest are moderately dilated, extending upward and down-

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arm and shoulder is about twice that in the left arm and shoulder.

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tists, contributes a paper on ' AiSfections of the Nervous System

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reacted to, simultaneously with the elimination of these foods

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most accurate signal to give is the vertical wooden bar. Deter-

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der tones of your voice, light up your countenance with the smile of love, or im-

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in a former attack that the mind had been affected. In case 62,

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as well received as its predecessors. It forms a " handy-book" for

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with yery good effect in the treatment of hooping-cough, and he

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stones, or appendicitis should be carefully recorded.

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be attended to. These abscesses are sometimes produced during child-birth, by the

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Health, wealth, happiness, virtue, religion, and every comfort of the mind and body

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till after that period. There have been undoubted instances where gestation hrjs

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tive account of the alterations met with in cases of insanity, in

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