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appearance of her last menstrual discharge. I am, &c.
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radiated toward the right lumbar region ; also severe vomit-
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cine — prescribing for existing ailments — is what demands
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rapidly follows, or, it may be, simultaneously occurs ? The statistics quot-
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a leech behind one or both ears. Occasionally this may obviate the
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by the mouth, as was shown by the fact that she had once
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•conclusions, and some who had not so much perspicacity
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fatisfaftion of finding his conjectures verified by anatomical dif-
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Laverani, Labbe, in part. Parasite of tertian fever of man.
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b the sine qua non in this malady of " ghastly spasm ;" whilst another
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did the modern conception of the given subject diifer from the older. On the
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Pathogenesis. — Pasteur states that birds are immune to
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pies and old dogs. A laxative (>^ — i ounce castor oil) may be
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curonic acid as with urine containing pentoses, but not if glucose be present alone.
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delayed to the fifth day and afterward is four times, and in some cases
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ushered in by not more than three days of fever, the tem-
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only the result, of the food of which she partakes. If it
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at each dose; total amount given: Result, recovered or died.
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These monads become more abundant as the cultures grow older,
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there was about the digesiibihiy of the difterent kinds of meat.
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In some cases a hot mustard poultice applied to the abdomen acts like a
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into the death of a' negro who had been insolent to a
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several weeks afterward, considerable pain and dif-
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culosis is three times more frequent than is generally
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also be found to be the most Useful and Reliable Guide to Brit-
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of infant feeding, but I cannot refrain from a passing allusion to the
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for diseases of the eye, in which physicians treat for
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are of the opinion that it will hardly be suflScient for future needs if the
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Of course, the practitioner will change the quantities
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1. Thiosinamine preparations produce no cillus coli into the peritoneal cavity an in-
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incision. Since the principle complaints axe located in the right
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Robert G. Norfleet, MD in this issue and “Xerogra-
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and deltoid muscles from pressure on fifth and sixth cervical
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to have ruined the sale of the bivalve this winter. As
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acteristic that it attracted my special attention. In that
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headache, a little every morning, and more and more often of late he has had
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"Picric Acid as a Means of nistini;uishing Albumen from
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Abramowicz M (Ed): Ciprofloxacin. Med Lett Drugs Ther 1988; 30: 1 1-13
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hibits no distensile pulsation. There is a mitral bruit to be
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a disease so widely diffused, arises from some cause within the
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and ill-formed, with a view to their development, points
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ever otherwise — for we find Dr. Ellis and Dr. Wood, of
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in the most serious cases /?-oxybutyric acid can be demonstrated