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and one-half years oefore admission he had an attack of pneumonia followed
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Skin and Svbcvianeoua Tissue, — Examinations postmortem show that the
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ficial featiu*es, but the exact stratigraphic relations, should be made clear.
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irldiiii'nihir I'ltrjti'. Tlii^ i>^ slmwii in llu' I'dlliiwinir ti;ruri"<. wliirli ij-ivi' iin
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** his appetite and health are as good as ever they
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infections with the colon bacillus or the gonococcus. Solutions of boric
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nephritis pass urine which is free from albumin. Postmortem, the renal lesion
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ticult to see what could serve as the normal stimulus operating through
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or again as contracted kidney. Or one member of the family exhibits one
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mtestinal disturbance, and not infrequently persists in its intensity for
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as well this disease may simulate Hodgkin's disease, it may be extremely
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of albuminuria (without markedly increased tension, oad habits, or excessive
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affects the younger policy holders, and thus furnishes a disastrous form
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■ Useful differential diagnostic points with skiagrams are given by Siegert (Jahr-
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lrn|,inl .-l.s.rv alioiis .• rnin-r /A. r, ^(^"-.«^/,,■/l „f ,,l,iii,liil„r arlir
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rigidity does not seem to have been what Vv'e ought
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urethra). This operation the writer carried out in five patients, and one
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before admission his hands and legs have been weak. His elbow has been
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strafed. It iiiiylit (piife well he the case that the rhythmic beat is dc
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I'lose ilepeiiileui f eanliae output Upon rate of venous lillinir ami the
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' ciprocal relatioiislii|i hetwcen arteries and veins, we must remem icr
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hciit liecomes milch slower, and if the eoolini: is proceeded with, the I it
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Blood. — It may be said that the examination of the blood yields little of
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Kennedy i Dr. Case of Wound from the Bite of a Shark 240
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. inl |il;ii'i'il, li.ycllii'i- \,itli miiiw Vi'iy ililiU,- imii i:i In hike llic li| j
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•■' -^ ii''<' siHiicwhat re extensive. Siudi is the casr. for example im
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tumor without acromegaly, such as age beyond the period of overgrowth, or
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twenty hours. Some patients prefer to have it put on at bedtime and left on
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