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Case 7. T. J., commercial traveler; hydrocele of the cord. Op-
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(loss of speech), which may exist alone or may be associated with right
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life in every case of syphilis is (on an average) shortened by one
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• $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate per year.
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Symptoms. — There is champing of jaws; frothing at the
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Fifth Annual Meeting, held at the Medical Museum and
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Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, Hair Transplantation,
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believe, indebted to Dr. Addison, of Guy's Hospital ; or, at all events, he has
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not exceed half an inch in thickness. Caution is necessary
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come septic a few days after trauma. In other patients, ARDS
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the only symptoms were pain and tumidity of the abdomen, and it
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The Philadelphia Woman's Medical College, on March 13
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states. Eighty-nine of the deceased had lived here less than 10 years.