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the pain of acute periodontitis allayed by it, while discoloured teeth are
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which are so characteristic of that disease, and the uncertainty as to the
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As a rule one drachm of liquor thyroidei each week is quite sufficient, ten
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suffocation during the operation is very much diminished. The risk of
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Polygala Senega^ though destitute of narcotic powers, is similar to
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inhabiting various parts of the world. According to some of these views
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do. of mouth, 1 ; contusion, 1 ; calculus, biliary, with fistulous (^ning
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bered an instance of this kind in a gentleman, who, for five years, had
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occarred onlj once in four months ; till the last year, T^ben' their fre-
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sufficient secretion to ward off the symptoms which usually follow
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Cysiaplasly, — M. Jobert lately presented to the Royal Academy of
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and Mentone, which have less of this exciting quality, while Cannes on the
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nearer the surface of the conjunctiva than of the skin, and that by
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necticut Medical Society, and George C. Shattuck, M.D., of Boston,
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Thomas Stewardson was elected one of the physicians to the Pennsyl-
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Excision, cauterisation, and even the most careful disinfection are useless
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oblige the editor by calling again, or aending his name. — Other commanxcatioiiB
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the lengthening occurs the blood is sucked up from veins situated near the surface,
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conception of the amount of sickness which these figures represent and of
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diplegic distribution of tremor, which combined with the rigidity caused by
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tion of some new and valuable book or books, or the discovery of some
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< Mow, let us analyze this case. The first fact worth recollecting, is
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Whilst inflammation frequently constitutes processes of reparation
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in relation with external things, and to obtain its own stimuli and mani-
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private. The surgreons, in going round the wards, call for me at every
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have been lost of showing the President's readiness in searching into
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muscles, the normal temperature, and the absence of cerebral symptoms.
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f About sunset, his son, a student of medicine, and the professional
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two they were progressive {La Semaine Medical, 15th Jan. 1902).
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they are called, and, as connected therewith, to the dietaries among the '
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by means of its tusks, while the beaver, with its p'owerful jaw and chisel-
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and his family in Belgium were advised of his condition. In answer,
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It is risky to substitute some other drug for opium, as a means of weaning
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