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in a paper read by Dr. O. B. Douglas. Several New York phy-

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brown, leaving when rubbed upon white paper much the same

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It is not improbable that the site of the mischief is not always the same, and

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a report of a case for diagnosis. He said that he had had

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and found the patient suffering from all the old symptoms, but in an aggravated

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remove the disease without the application of the nitrate of

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Since the appearance of this malady, only two soldiers have been

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When Tenex is used with other centrally active depressants (such as

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The very fact that epidemics differ in severit}% that the disease is

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Dr. Marvin has probably illustrated this subject better than any one

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in" to the notice of the profession a new ol)jective in-

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is more certain of good results if used early, so in a " bad cold,"

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others where the operation is resorted to, lies in acting without delay, as soon

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the first attack of lichen ruber was sary extensive, lastetl a

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further temperature rise. If the case be prolonged, however, the

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tinuously a large current, such a cell would leave nothing

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Definition. — In the dog, a series of automatic movements of

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complained of palpitation of the heart and precordial pain.

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of mental impairment it may be protruded in a rigid manner, or alternately

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band had not taken it. "Nevertheless," I said, " she has the

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death, he did not actually die until after the lapse of nineteen

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upwards with the knife, about one inch and a half, midway be-

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own part of its utility. Such of our readers as would wish

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fungous degenerations, ulceration and eversion of tlie

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8. Ide, Sobei and Smith — Comparative Study of Kahn and Wassermann Reac-

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The thickness, and especially the firmness, of the huffy coat, if

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which the lesion manifests itself. These must be studied espe-

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lichen, this word has at the present time lost its former signifi-

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diseases of Surprise and Goose Lake Valleys, presented

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lymph which 1 now send, 1 have been enabled to revive from tubes

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an hour, symptoms of shock appeared. The patient rallied

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show, that while oil of tansy possesses no specific action on the uterus as an

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charges seriatim in Committee of the Whole andadoptedthe reports,

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tains an excellent kitchen, in good repair and fit for use,

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marks of synovial inflammation are scarcely to be discerned. In

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cation and conduct research, a chance to travel, and reasonable work hours.

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M. — Dose, f 3 j — ij, every three or four h^urs.

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fatal in all those subjects, whose constitutions were not well-

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way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else.— Ruskin.

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