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greatest reserve is indicated in case of nervous constriction
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soft. — 4th. Yields a slight odour. — 6th and 8th. Yields
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be the judge of the practical value of its first invest-
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such an operation is the miserable failure known as a " conical
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2. The body is thrown violently against some object
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tion, and the patient began immediately to recover ;
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"siesta" in the partly darkened rooms, gave excellent results in
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Ax attempt to combat " cattle plague " by means of the
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turnal emissions. In one of the three cases there was also pain in the
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and date of capture, and notes of interest forwarded at the same time.
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which, in most cases, cannot be very difficult, after a proper
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New York city on public business connected with the Medi-
one. He only alluded to one of them — the intense intellectual activity
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toms and in the Wassermann reaction and a more rapid fall in the
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that the sporules of the Achorion undergo development in the same manner
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tained by Gauthier with thyroid medication in delayed union
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Physicians and Students, is offered for inspection by the under
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College who served in the war in South Africa, together with
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most of them was below normal, being sometimes as little as
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One horse fell and lay half an hour in a frightful state of dyspnoea.
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the vertical above the head to the vertical below; next the same
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ever, continue, the administration of a small quantity of white sugar, as
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atrophy in which urea formation is little impaired, and many now hold that
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that depression of the occipital bone was the cause of
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go to Germany for that particular purpose. It is pointed
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ciliaires on libinde uvee. Arch, d'opbt.. Par., 1891, xi,
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with animals may not be volunteered. If there is a suspicion
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5. International Tobacco Trade. — Some industrialized
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In another communication, Dr. W., a Homoeopathic correspondent, says:
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was formerly marshy, and where ague was once largely prevalent, the
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such accuracy is required, and for ordinary work the usual pupillometers
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seen moribund cases that were considered absolutely beyond medical
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The Russian Emperor, acting under the advice of the great,
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Del potere bactericida del sangue nella fatica muscolare.
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General. 2 Prevailing as an epidemic among bodies of troops in different
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and obtaining different results, the most experienced get-
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before his death ; and, even were it possible for any one to discover their entire ingredients,
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Other tumors of the salivary glands are sarcoma, cases of which are
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[A recent paper by Lewin {Deutsche med. Wchnschr.) on the same
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appointment to see it by writing Box 647 in care of
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Hospital warrant a more extended trial for the method than
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and tightly embrace them. The embracing process is less complete