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served. In a senile subject who has a slow pulse, careful inquiry
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trast with the condition found in starvation, the dogs killed by in-
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was seen and diagnosed by Dr. J. W. Babcock of Columbia, S. C. There
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duration in the islands of the sea, the Bahamas, the Bermudas, the
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solutions were effective. The strips were placed in fresh Tyrode solu-
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The diet was approximately 75 gm. of protein, 4 gm. sodium chlorid, total
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She was given two doses of salvarsan and four intraspinal treatments with
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of any valve disease set in sooner and in more severe form, so that
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appreciated soonest by the use of delicate apparatus, arteriometer,
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Pulsatilla pratensis (pulsatilla) : Pulsatilla is a very active depres-
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the eye on the same side as the aneurysm. The third nerve also
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mental dulness, somnolence and eventually coma. Reiss, 6 who has
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Case 11. — A man, aged 62, entered the hospital Feb. 26, 1914. A diagnosis
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coronary arteries is complete and it receives its blood supply only by
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of the patient. Perhaps, when possible, voluntary deep and rapid
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systolic murmurs alone, and of these only 5 were over the situation
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above the original diastolic level, whereas strips of the uterus were put into
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Typhoid Feyee. —Phlegmasia is the outward sign of the venous
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therefore, in accuracy speak of auriculoventricular conduction in the
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should only be made on the basis of experience gained in the investiga-