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Beardsley, G. S., Medical Inspector. Ordered to the

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medical man he became the director of every movement, and with dis-

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Fifteen days after the crisis, inspiratory power — CO millime-

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specific for yaws than it is for syphilis. Usually an intra-

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tice, why should their therapeutic powers be so imperfectly known

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1894, Budapest, 1896, ii, 522. [Discussion]. 535. J.Z»o:Rev.

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is referred to the discussion of Purulent Meningitis.

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sented diplomas or certificates of practice. Six pre-

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energy of an electric arc, so absolutely similar that it might

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can judge of the quantity by placing the patient in different

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throseopic field was enlarged and a better view obtained.

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necessary, which will, of course, in all cases depend on

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spite of an attack of diarrhcea and insomnia. On the

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had come under his notice, were attended with violent coughs.

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Metropolis. It has been attended by inflammation of the throat

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and that from 72 to 75 per cent, are caused by " exposure to cold.*'

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with the Levaditi method, interpretation of the findings was rather more difficult,

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" The patient continues to follow his occupation in trade,

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skin by separating the blades. This can be accomplished

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ever shortly, before the cold fit ; both cause a lasting antipathy

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days, and, as we supposed, patient again on the road to conval-

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these. In the first and 8imi>lest case, such measures as rest of the part and

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to onlinary epileptic paroxysms first claim consideration. 1

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fever, for this disease presents all the characteristics of insect-borne

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Uterus, Effect of Ergot on the Involution of the, 381

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The personal rules for prevention relate to the removal of contagious

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for weight and the lowest 2 . 5 % for height compared to the

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Useful and indisjjenHablo drugs, tefltcd by experience and close

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nothing is required beyond a pair of dumb-bells, a pair of

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As far as Dr. Wirthm tiller is concerned, I am unable to

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habits of industry in the pursuit of some occupation by which they may be

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of the Society and material of historical significance have

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■ that the other parties shall be protected against accept-

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ance. It has been pointed out by Foulis and by Thornton^ that in cancer of

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the esophagus, 1 by 2 cm. in size and located 1 cm. above

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the deformity that haa once developed, I CMinot agree wilh those

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