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the best landmark. Soon secondary lesions are caused by scratching

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tention of urine is of course common enough in hysteria, but incon-

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an asylum, which may be a truth or a verisimilitude, he very often enter-

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college, the vendors of drugs had assumed to themselves a

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may only be evidenced by a thin brownish crust. In other cases alter-

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1721, 1730, 1752, 1764, 1776, and in 1792; and the prob-

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small degree in the sense: HA«=±H + + A". Thus it would appear

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(2) An analysis, particularly of the small amounts of mate-

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worthy information. All classifications are matters of convenience. So

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Physical treatment. — Attention to digestion is the first point. The

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same was found by Wells in two subsequent cases of acute pemphigus.

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course of lectures on anatomy. The students of Harvard

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eruption of psoriasis completely by means of a mild ointment of arseniate

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like. In "verminous persons" the hair is sometimes matted together

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extended hand, to prevent the effects of the evil-eye. Coral

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and a woman having brought him the urine of her husband, put the phial

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lowering of the beam from supports that are seldom exactly equal.

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Definition. — A very rare disease of the skin characterised by the

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angle up to the suprasternal notch; remove this section or lay it

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has done good in some cases. Where the circulation is fairly good, shower

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of response under stimulation, and capacity for co-ordination. The con-

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109 cases. In more than half the cases hitherto recorded, the horns

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too large, independently of hydrocephalus ; there may be bosses or pro-