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essential as medicine. I have seen cases where the deposits

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by Prof. C. Binz, of B;)nn, in the abortive treatment

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diminished in most cases, the oligochromemia usually exceeding

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of mind, the thought of business, of meeting strangers, oj

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autopsy to be relaxed and flabby, even though there is marked cadaveric

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was becoming prematurely aged. It has carried him off before he has

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flammation, with all varieties of consequence — ex-

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geal wall are common effects. Ulceration and necrosis of the cartilages of

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conditions upon which inflammation of the j " the large wound from which the placenia

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Boylston Place, on Monday, December 11, 1893, at 8 o'clock, p.m.

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of this service in the future. Adequate medical atten-

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weeks; but the iris is still prominent, and I tear that he is not

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effectually and safely, the case related by Mr, Brown proves satisfactorily.

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that the pressure in the aorta is greater than in the left ventricle. — See

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disease of the oesophagus, for instance, I have constantly found, after

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project, and awakened a corresponding liberality in others. It

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of increase in all my subdivisions from the lesser to the

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critically by the professor of that branch or science, and

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and act as a kind of valve, and interfere with speech in such a

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streak by which many practitioners test the scarlatinal rash. The sur-

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cozone was at once applied upon a wool tampon, and after about

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all, only part of the widely-spread occurrence of new growths of various kinds

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of the lids, with rigidity from fibiinous hifiltration..

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important. The most frequent of these headaches is that due

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papillse of the ulcerated surface become hypertrophied and prominent,

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uously exposed had securely escaped, and by neither was the disease

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hepatic cells at the site of the abscess. The cells become cloudy and

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Is the previous numbers of the Journal, I have given some brief

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percent) in each Corps of Army Medical Service, Enlisted Person-

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with the Methodists, (which I am glad to have enjoyed) and can

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of medicine, which will be an enduring monument of wisdom— "a

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utility in ovarian tumors. Besides tapping, injection of a solution

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capacitated by disease or intoxication, to offer such a degree of resistance

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venes three of the fundamental principles of dosimetry :

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this practice has convinced me that the pressing symp-