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Two dollars is hereby fixed as the fee to be collected by the
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edgments to make for assistance received from various sources.
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on the same level ; both treated the effect for the cause ; the
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and the Frequent Pulse." An earnest endeavor of Paynton to show
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er's milk. Though the milk of many animals has been tried with vary-
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human vaccination against cholera, either after the
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newly formed tissue acquires within a few moi\ths of its
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gard to the general question as to noxious gases from bad drains
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33. Excision of the Knee-Joint. — Mr. R. G. H. Butcher communicated to
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By changing the position of the mirror in this instrument
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of cocci generally arranged in pairs, and having often a gonococcus-
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a profligate acquiescence of the moral principle. With this
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Lips. The examiner should notice their color (pallor, cyanosis), the
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each pupil, proves that the best interests of the students are
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absolute rest in bed, and, if possible, also total ab-
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such additional remarks on the composure of the mother alone or mother
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e.xostoses which may cause sei-ious and obscure pressure symptoms, as in
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assert no curative action in the case of man, just because the
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a local one, limited to one system, but general, involving
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Foundation of the Medical Department of tlie University of Pennsylvania.
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emotional storms attended by laughing and crying, or by
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ly half a century and who was President of this Society
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seemed to look upon it as a merit that so many degrees were
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unrelated female (in line three). It will be observed that
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The root of the Pareira brava of South America ; comes in very
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induration of the borders. The corresponding femoral glands close up
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for my part, would suggest to meet the question in such
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except in cases suffeiing from palpitation or bruit the sounds
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home and so wet the cotton, and perhaps even spill the
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relation of symptoms, the character and position of the
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XXIII. Note on the Termination of the Second Case of
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ment of Science [Le Progrhs Medical, Sept. 6, 1879) M. Jaumes (of Montpel-
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case of typhoid fever can be aborted if proper antiseptic
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maxilla, the neck, and the side of the face. Microscopic sec-
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Tf (DT-msor-inoineooocM coco^ri-cocMcooi-incocM'^-Tt-^-
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tarily as formerly. No pain in head, and says she is free from suffering. Countenance
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week. A patch on the chorion was found to be inflamed and necrotic,
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are emulsified in peptone solution. Then on a slide, according to the method to be
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