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all the constituents of the foxglove plant. Its ef-
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Gaither.- — In China Grove. North Carolina, on Satur-
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sible. If this is not feasible one may still incise
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J. Retention of Bromine after Administration of Bro-
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ing chair within twenty hours after the operation (Fig. 2)
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ogy, to insist on a dififerentiation between things
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with milk— if it has been spoiled, how can it be re-
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characteristic syphilitic papules and that others were pres-
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rhages from the uterus, nose, mouth, and intestines
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A MoirtMy Jounwl •( M«dlciM and Swsoy. Dtvoltd to th* B«ft lnt«mt« of th* Whok PrafHrfMi
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lies in the unreliable character of the preparations used.
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he became unable to speak at all, in spite of all his efforts.
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od it was said that the test had proved to be positive
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cases in which the increased respiratory action of a
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routine enucleation of the tonsils have called forth
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ostitis third rib near sternum and on tibia, generalized pain
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investigation that the second hypothesis is the more
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fruits, raise poultry and garden truck, knit under-
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tion of quinine in malaria. Recurrences and the in-
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spots on the abdomen became vesicular and then pustular.
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relief of obstruction were difficulty in urination and
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and surrounded by dififerent bathing establishments,
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immersion in the Sprudelbad the skin of the patient
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is just here that it is most important to distinguish
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Secrecy made in your editorial article with that title
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seventh intercostal space bisected by the vertical mammary
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Visiting Physician, City Prison, Borough of Brooklyn.
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by submitting to the induction of abortion has laid
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upon the same status as all other contagious, infectious, or com-
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of alcoholic vapor w'ill be contained in the oxygen.
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petition in the application of first aid to the injured,
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rhcea was profuse, and of yellowish color. A twenty
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of supposed organic pyloric insufficiency — some of
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fifteen. The ?etio1ogv of the condition is obscure,
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food was taken. No palpable tumor could be felt in the
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century so successfully recorded in scientific pro-
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would not apply in the case of a physician appointed