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The surroundings are thoroughly cleansed with soap,

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renal tumour have been observeil by Ammon, Piayei",

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very extensive a few sulphur vapor, or mercurial baths, followed by

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dynes, and a milk diet relieved him somewhat, and April 14th

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From time to time both birds were bled from a wing vein and the sera compared

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gener of New Y'ork ; and there may be some rare degree of

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extraordinary circumstances (as in liver disease or renal disease), chloride replacement may be required in the

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found in the upper part of the oesophagus, and on laying open this tube,

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change in the pulse at the time, or in the aspect of the retinal arteries,

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and standing we respectfully refer to our townsmen,

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are many in the literature, have upon close exa.mination been found

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loss of time, that you cannot fail to appreciate it if I bring off the

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solution of cocaine into the subarachnoidal space, the needle of the

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in other walks of life. The larvae, wriggle- tails as they are

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with great care ; and they proved simply that under im-

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a hairless scalp. It is not, however, in its cosmetic so

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inflammation had rendered the urethra tortuous in its

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young men — also subject to the condition known as chlor-

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c. q. s. ut ft. 5ij. S. a teaspoonful three times a day. Before ten days

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simple oedema cannot occur in the larynx, as it does undoubtedly from de-

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ment is meant to imply, that the infectious atmosphere is limited

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through them to suffering humanity, that I earnestly

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corpuscles. It is possible that the streptococcus and other infections

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symptoms: Total loss of specific sensibility to punc-

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Disfuriied equilibrium of the musclesof the eye as a factor

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About a year after, I had several fits of the same kind, which

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of a foreign body in the antrum of Ilighmore. It occurred

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up to 35° C. with subsequent packs in woollen blankets, as well as

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two cases under treatment, and I hope at some future time

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nected with and ancillary to medicine, but in which medical students

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Dr Duncan's style of writing is strong and lucid, but not elegant.

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would certainly be rare to observe 35 cases of measles

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plicated, according to G^arrod, is as foUoms : The beels and ankk'% tbe

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to indicate danger. He suffered from very slight diarrhoea.

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1862. Slight, Gbobob, M.D., 14, Old Burlington-street, W. c 2.

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with a shaking chill, vvhicli lasted about half an hour,

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integuments of the opposite thigh were likewise lacerated. The patient was a

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that is to say, from the axial region of the stomach — towards the

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dictory of some superanuated Professor; whilst the medical know-

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drops of whisky may be added to either water or food,

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west. Lancet. 6'. Paul. 1889. ix. 267.— Farbei' ( J. H.) Eth-

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ations in the symptoms of ulceration and malignant growths of the

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monstrosity or deformity — all deviations, in fact,

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