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easy, but it sacrifices accuracy for that purpose. Breech presenta-

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ciation. In the ne.xt place, the resolutions were in

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selves acquainted with the various forms of human character,

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and White I^otion (page 263) are to be used. Keep wound clean

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lated. Several diabetics in which the indication for

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f)4 Ewart: Influence of Parental and Grandparental Age

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solution of the question. His investigations of the books of

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The incision which I used in this case was the one originally

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from which it appears that between the highest and lowest

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employment of extra attendants in conveying violent

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and prepares the pores for the absorption of the hair oil.

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strength of these two different regions an attempt has been made

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produced an ulceration. He gave a history of sexual intercourse 16^

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inter-digital substance, dislocation of the inter-phalangeal articu-

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protective measures as they apply to the operator, the operating

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1, Canada, with excellent results. It was introduced

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pathological relations of purpura to scorbutus requires further study of

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of unsoundness of mind in the testator, it was prima, facie evi-

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urine, and varies but little from —0.56° C. However, cases have been

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simply enjoy a privilege common to all insane persons. Certainly

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plane of the notch for the head is, we should now rock the arrow shaft to

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Medical Society of the Missouri Valley. — SECRETARY'S OFFICE,

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for, and when present treated. In the majority of cases quinine was the remedy

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appreciation of an unfavorable result. At that time he com-

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nipulations, doubtless more easily demonstrated in the lecture-

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muscle-fibers and the malignant cells have undergone a granular degeneration, which does

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neomycin. The possibility of such a reaction should be borne in mind. ;

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relieves the oppi^essed breathing and pharyngeal and other spasms, while

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much harm may be done, with very poor educational results. It

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’’Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology,

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ance. It carried conviction everywhere. It did its own

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ever, in many parishes in this Province women who prac-

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rotunda, from the tympanum into the cochlea of the internal ear.

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the physical signs, presented by the heart between five and six

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In view of the discussion now in progress in profes-

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1, Canada, with excellent results. It was introduced

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yet astasia-abasia may be a genuine affection. Other

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seemed of little use in protracted cases. Theoretically, also, we may

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