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tion of the vagus. Particularly is this the case if the crypts

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limbs is generally found to be about 2° higher than it is on the paralyzed

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tion (lu rouce trisulfonate do sonde cbez le cliien a I'etat

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bulk of a hen's egg or a mandarin orange. The swelling of the gland

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House Hutsko R. Lux Manos McDaniel F. Ochoa Palumbo Pasko, Jr.

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It is a well-known fact that ordinary tobacco, either smoked

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there was some well-marked physiological sign of life after birth (p. 798),—

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hypothesis that the amount of heat carried off as latent heat of water

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to an extreme degree of emaciation." Here the pulmonary vesicles do

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delusions of this nature — that have been long since

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pain. No. 3, 115.8 ; great abdominal pain and excitement. No. 4, iii°; con-

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cution, Mr. Brewster, Q.C., and Mr. W. Smith. For the defendant,

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atrophy, or shrinking, tumor, displacement and hernia. The

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tially succeeded in retarding the progress of cancerous ulcera-

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solutions causing detachment of the parasite from the

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of this Service is indicated by the fact that only 3.8% of the total

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bottom is filled with water, and the opening is sud-

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neutrophilic elements, while the eosinophiles show a distinct decrease ;

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fles in the neighborhood of the pulmonary artery and

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It is thought that true cholera did not exist in China until 1669 when it was

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size of the nodules. There have been no subjective symptoms through-

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this master spring of the muscles of the bladder — the sensible spot a little

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School of Medicine, 1958. Dr. Methot practiced general

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cases very unsightly curvatures and shortenings of the bones remain,

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July 12th. — The periosteum was scraped back, two and a half inches

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Fellowship, and modify the regulations reliting to the Membership so as

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stomach may be diseased at the same time. Analysis of

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vulsions, epilepsy, &c. which are, often, brought on in this manner

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Now, when at rest, the scapula on the right side hung slightly

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operation should be completed with as little delay as

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tsetse fly whose proboscis has just been contaminated with trypanosome blood is

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Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow.—

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He says the word is one derived from the humeral pathology

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the prolonged pressure of this bone against the pubis.

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in thoughtful posture, and in the midst of a speculation, stumbled and

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with the waters, for a long time; but the result was,

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tient's own body, I have tried almost every < typhoid condition into which she was thrown

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the