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is unnecessary, such as in water-purification plants and

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were found most conspicuously in the skin and in the brain,

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lycopodium. Who shall say that in extracting its oil we should

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extremely rapid rate that she had not had enough digitalis, and

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0.1 gm. of powdered leaves, each over A^ two doses of 0.05 gm., and each

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(4) Pathogenetic bacterial activity = infective diseases.

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tertian, subtertian, or pernicious malaria. Chills and fever recur

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Clinic of Dr. Albert A. Epstein, Mt. Sinai Hospital

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But, again, just as there is no intoxication without infection, so there is

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of infarction. There may be signs of general peritonitis, especially in

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Funk, E. H.: Med. Clinics of North America, March, 1920.

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pauperism that it should receive special attention. The degraded,

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Relief in Cancer. — Dr. Brandini, of Florence, has recently discovered that citric

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Without entering further into this question, we may accept it as a fact

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Fatty changes in nerves are easily recognised in the so-called peripheral

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irritation (extrinsic or intrinsic), or by a single and more often by repeated attacks