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mild purgatives were given, without producing the least

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insufficient bodily exercise, impure air, imperfect

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CPT-4: Summary of Additions, Deletions & Revisions (1985 - 1989)

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elevated, and the knees drawn up, or on the side. Let it be rememberetl

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bronchial. In the first fatal case bronchovesicular

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The hairs from this moth, its cocoon and caterpillar,

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The conclusions reached, the information presented,

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applied. The apparatus has been modified and improved, so as to

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vis : that pain of any kind, neuralgic or inflammatoryy may be

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painful illness, but with the knee permanently stiffened.

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the lower portion of the pelvic colon — the operation re-

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kintlness of my friend. Dr. Elisha Harris, of this City, who is

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Act there was great diiftculty in ascertaining the point.

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the end of the seventh week of intrauterine life, a

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I«ate Major and Chief C. 3. Field's Division, Longstreet's Corps, A, N. V.

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laxes after some minutes, or may disappear on massaging

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St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal. By M. T. Linton, M. D.,

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1st. W. Selpho & Ron, best $125, plain $100, Government con-

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Carbolic Acid. Used as antiseptic to hasten healing

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posse valet consecutio ;'' indeed, legislation should never have been

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fine ? " the traveler asked of the English farm lad.

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covered their base, which wa,s from time to time cast off. This,

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ing a negative result, but the possibility is not very