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Kaekeek, Paul Q , M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S.A., reappointed Medical Officer of

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giving colleges produced a continuous and unwholesome

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Couldrey are beginning to refute the pernicious fallacies and

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symptom. He remarked on the wonderful immunity from

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selling price, size and number o pages, and illustrations.

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justness of the retention of the other half by the pro engaged ac-

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racter, extreme modification of epidemic type does not occur ;

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in the fighting by the French against the all but naked savages in

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ally be looked upon as an unwelcome interloper. Nor, indeed, in these

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M. Carteighe, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of

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amongst the first hospitals or rather hospices, for they served

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the endurance of heat more difficult, but in the north of India

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cadie. New Brunswick, does not speak hopefully ot the prospects of

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fore it is to be presumed that no payment is grpposed to be

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yon, said there had been no petition presented to the Queen in Council

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lierpes in 36, being in one case on the wrist as well as at the

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Mr. V. GulTroy, Mr. and jMrs. Wykham, Mr. W. O. S. Pell,

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not all of early phthisis. Family predisposition was present

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January 1st. Members of Branches are requested to pay

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out that he had been able to demonstrate in many of his

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urethra proved to have been completely divided, had passed

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influence of suggestion in the waking state In the seci ndli.

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be suQ'tfring from roilieln were distinctly guttering from

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There were but few signs of decrease of small-pox in our

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ordinance the salaries of professors. That ought to have been leit to the

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Dr. Murrell's paper on "The Action of Apomorphine and Apocodeine

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Tientsin." "The chandon (substance for smoking) that is-

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and gentry lived in cramped flats, which no money would

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ethyl spray should be used for the painless extraction of teeth ?

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of facilitating a breach of tlie statute law, but, in view of the

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this year, and signs of activity in the city are noc wanting witli a view of

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A Greek gentleman, aged 22, consulted me on January 2lst, 1877. His