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commended, for little books are read. The perusal of this on©

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(C. B.) Compouud Pott's fracture; patient in his 70th

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hand ; and of course nothing but failure could follow. In this

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tempts were made to remove it, but had to desist for

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severe strangury has been excited. The degree of counter-irritation thus

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takings. In 1545, at the request of Francesco Buonafrede,

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— Apoplexy, 1 — inflammation of the brain, 1 — burns, 1 — cholera infantum, 13 — consumption, 10 — convul-

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series of experiments in the same direction, and states

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scess in a tropical patient and this will hold for other diseases and thus the careful

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ducing right lateral hemlanopia ; B, lesion in left

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distinctly systolic bruit of var\ing character and intensity;

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that all antiseptic methods of treatment in this case

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of the truth of this assumption, and it failed to show why certain

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strains, but also from time to time in the same strain. Some strains com-

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the comparatively straight, roomy tube of the trachea, and these

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various forms- of hypertrophic rhinitis, polypi, septal spurs, crests, and

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The epidemic cholera made its attack in two different modes.

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1 - 800 - 642 - 4776 . (In VA, call collect: 703-391-7888.)

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Proved to the extent of three inches; and the edges were softened and

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rod with a bulbous point that could be screwed through the vault and on

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very perceptible. 2. By placing the hand over the mouth of the

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unused : we shall therefore avail ourselves of Professor Koch's permis-.

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purpose. This was built on the side of an elevation known as " Gallows

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staying in the city we have no specific treatment, but

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sented to the views expressed as to the frequent convey-

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of the left ovary. The peritonemn appeared healthy. The collapsed

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fine granules. Schizogony takes place within the internal

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at Tabriz and named after himself Rab'-i-Raskidf he

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Binocular vision tested by means of a stereoscope 266

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tensively prevailed, has been most astonishingly successful. Com-

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