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some of the worst cases that he saw the patient took as much as 5 pints of

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cattle plague. The remaining calf is still quite well, althougli

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tion, the shoulders and body being turned at the same time. The Doctor

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in this class), in hemorrhagic cases, haemoptysis, hsemateme-

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lost least. After keeping them on this diet for a month, cabbages were

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a higher and more uniform standard of preliminary education ; more ex-

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symptoms can be discovered, nor will the patient admit,

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and 19 infanticide. A comparison between 1863-4 and 1865-6

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Our work has convinced us that the size and other morpho-

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in 1847, he had noticed many cases of smallpox complicated wiih purpura.

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been found to have a certain effect. These have been

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(so-called catarrhal appendicitis), it must not be forgotten that we have

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In another recorded instance, the eyes ■were slowly

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aneesthesia adds so largely to our power as in the sur-

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diced, his skin presenting an orange-yellow hue. There was no

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may be fitly recorded here, by way of appendix to those

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Treatment — The point of departure for the consideration of the manage-

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ascites, and caput medusae. At autopsy it was found that the

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average of the highest points in ten cases was 73. After this

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and probably most of you know that those of us who were mem-

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clothing, food, or other objects, it may retain its

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acted as a revulsive measure. 3. The increase of fluid within the joint

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rial infection. We may add that we have also observed relapses in

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which was the size of a walnut, was also visible at the base of the brain.

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Cerebral hypersemia. On the grounds of experimental research, it

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and a considerable protrusion remaining, the measures avail-

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