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Yes ; it is rather invidious for medical men to prosecute.
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Dental. W. S.. 9,16. 0»era(iO(iZ>0!/5.-Tu. W., 2.
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Case vii.— The patient, a free living, military man, aged .39, was sent to
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must be nothing short of torture to persons of sensitive ner-
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(S) Dr. T. Smailes, Honley ; Mr. J. R. Sutherland, Durham ; Mr. E. R.
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irrigation works ; drainage works (we cstl,,, owing to the heavy cubes of
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2. In no case could contagion, or the possibility of it, lie
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almost on the equator, 2' north, so that down the China Sea
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sidered in conjunction with the other signs, is a most valu-
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package Compress of compressed charpieto be ot flax between layers of
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with pueumonia, which was situated in the abdomen and
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Bradford, or pure calf lymph, or a conserve of the same, pre-
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narcosis reported in your last issue, confirm the lesson taught
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Death under Ether. — Tlie American medical papers con-
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voted down at tho hands of," should not have been included in the in-
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in this pathology, which bear more directly upon treatment.
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when the labour set in.^Dr. Dimmock, in reply, said the
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may, both plants are deadly poison, and there are several
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tive tissue fibres and axis cylinders, the latter especially
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Surgeon-Majors T. M. Corkek and C. A. Webb, who are serving in the
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temperature dropped for a day or two from 90° F., the average
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on "general duty" he draws exactly the same pay as a Medical Staff
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said that sanitation has improved, and I admit that it lias ;
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any of the medical societies in London. The standard adopted
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liim of opinion tliat money given by the public was not intended to be
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me by the hon. member for Sheffield, and I hope my hon.
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Ransford, J. E., Bristol. Walton, H. J., St. Bartholomew's.
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Malcolm Mobbis, F.R.C.S.Ediu., President, in the Chair.
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families dependent on them, are compelled to do professional work for
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dren from one of the poorest working-elasa quarters of Paris Hearing
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be got there, the intercostal spaces being widest in that situa-
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.Whex one child catches the disease many mothers think
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leltlung. l^^H which wasadhereutto I^BB' between the