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apposition of the orifices of the urethra and cervix as being

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ache gradually subsided. She took seven drachms of ergotine

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the end of five days bad altogether subsided. The size of the head was now re-

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considerably in length, some being very short, others

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If an artery or a great number of capillaries be compressed, or other-

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so constituted naturally that a natural or hygienic life

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Applying these views to pathological cases, we can, according to

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land, but alrfo in the South and the West. It is designed for domestic as well as

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tta, haifr-tt'ri-^m). Cresoentic spiral folds of the

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length of time, it is now one of the accepted resources of surgery,

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The key to the diagnosis of compartment syndrome is

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or rigidity. On examination after death, the gray substance of the

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ebjldren, and from five to ten or even fifteen minims of the tincture may

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plasia, hypertrophy), and this new material contracting, forces the

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1905. Cameron, George A., M.D., Physician to the Germantown

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The color and consistency of the secretion, it is important to recognize.

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the work itself for all that is known of them, and for many

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Remarls. — There was no disease in the neighborhood

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tress and weakness the patient began to show evidences

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Lithmm {Li.) is characterized by an intense crimson band, in the

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Remlinger, Paul; & Hodara-Bey, Menahem [Chef du Service Dermat. et Urolog.

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the following schedule : (i,) Slow and long inspiration and expiration;

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N.D.. British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, 183G ; viiftf^artleU'swork,

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determined, the calcified areas more distinctly indicated, and the

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in feet ion-hearing power of the oyster, with special reference to typhoid

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divided quantities of about 18 c c. 150 cc of nutrient broth, in which had

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the opening session in the Marti 'I'heatre there will be

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hesitation and without regard to their structural charac-

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of the hands it is an essential condition of all treatment to avoid