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face and arms are normal in every respect. The trunk
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arising in abdominal disorders and perhaps acquire some key
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Muscular atrophy : DEJERINE. Rev. de med. 1889. GOLDSCHEIDER. Zeitsch.f.
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review the list of remedies and the methods bladder with the permanganate solution
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and the skin greatly perspiring. After death, in addition to other appearances,
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Symonds, J. A. "Sleep and Dreams," Miscellanies, 1871, p. 145. — 39. TrKE, D. H.
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abdominal discomfort. It may well have had some part in
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attachment toward its two basal attachments, and so a little of
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type, in a female patient, due to adhesions from a laparot-
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believed him just the same. He knew the truth, and I
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be attended to and the case relinquished on the arrival of the attending phy-
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were only temporary expedients. When cardiac tonics
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sion in the Academy of Medicine, and the defects due to this want of ex-
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riorly it was encrusted with a layer of altered food, a fragment of which has been
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of change in one is of necessity to imply change in the other. . . .
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Transactions of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the American Larvngological Associa-
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three quarters of an inch in length, admitting easily the tip of the forefin-
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of believers. And as the most nonsensical theories, if well
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to the duodenum, especially to that portion which joins the stomach. Of the
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and, (2.) To enable him to understand the principles which
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covery seems, on the whole, to be setting in favour of a shorten-
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with a negative stress test in this setting because of its low
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quite as common in the strong and full-blooded as in
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alterations may take place, even in this short time. It is impossible to separate the
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deteriorating, forgetful, depressed ; cannot concentrate
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sadly needed, and place it on a footing that will enable it to compare
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used three or four times a day. In very rebellious and refractory
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./Etiology. — In India, where cholera is endemic, it is probable that the
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tion, which may, in very severe cases, become hemorrhagic.
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drawn mto dwellings by the aid of ir.ternal waimlh and of fires,
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glass. This method had been previously employed by Alferow, 2 but it had never
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lock, Henricus Jagoe, Alexander D. Henry, Valentinus Duke, Samuel Lane
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-■• is in the selection of teachers and professors, we quote the
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mission was soon and successfully performed, but its
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