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trated energy of the arc was used at the focal spot, through

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The following propositions for membership were made :

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if the concentration of the active principle is kept constant. If the total amount

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which detains whatever trace of the oxid has remained in it.

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3. To keep the intestines as free as possible from bacilli and

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ing into the abdominal cavity. It is in proportion to their vio-

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in length, the width of the wings 65 feet, and of the central part 40. It

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is rare this can hardly be considered an important factor.

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ular, nodular, yellowish-colored surface. On section both presented pre-

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from respiratory diseases. Pneumonia had thus clearly

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with provisions guaranteeing the landlord the possession in case

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of these nodules contained large masses of bacilli which were easily

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'ihe mortality of the operation at Gottingen was esti-

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places in the arid States of this country, where they

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quantities must be removed by boiling. If typical crystals

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All wines are radically alike, made of different materials, but causing

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physical properties, its chemical formula, or the reagents

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white, almost glistening appearance, the comparison

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respondents rate the pain as the first symptom in point of fre-

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exposed. It was covered by omentum and partly by bowel. There

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Zur Aethernarkose. Deutsche ined. Wcbnschr., Leipz.

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see her with reference to operation, but could find

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