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and the vasoreflex 1 mechanism are not, as a rule, seriously impaired

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V. Hemorrhage into the pons is commonly followed by coma and

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distinguished his career; no brilliancy of unusual genius illumined

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but should exhaustion demand stimulation a light sherry or claret may be

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from the start. Recovery is always slow, and proportioned to the extent of

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tion is differently altered by stimulation of the two nerves. Stimu-

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Cereiral thromii form in old age without cardiac or pulmonary disease,

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physical examination — by physical signs of pleurisy. None of these condi-

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or vessel; add a tea-cupful of boiling water, let the

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cending infection of the bile from the intestines, or to a transverse

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quently a symptom of blood poisons, as in rheumatism, gout and septic

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Fig. 249. (Corresponds to Fig. 52.) A pigmented tertian parasite partly

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especially in fie, quinine is the most effectual remedy. A patient with

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copper chloride, which has been suggested by Fischer, experimentally

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sickness and death; it would therefore not be consistent either with

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> Cohnheim and Bouchut. 2 Union Medicale, 1867, Galezowski.

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and finally the presence of infarctions, multiple abscesses and thrombi are

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wherever the fault lies, it may in future be corrected*

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well to consider, whether a pretended faith in a lenient practice, may

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We next tried division of the fibers between the left semilunar

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