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blood is attenuated and exposed to the action of the air. They have also

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nucleus by the use of Romanowski's method of stain-

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sistent causes of failure to pass the pylorus in this series.

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country, asking them to look out for and report any

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typhus will never give rise to periodical fever, and the same is true of other

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the incision over the most prominent portion of the

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pelled during the systole into the arterial vessels. From

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Fig. 22 shows a case in which pus is not found at the time

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that simple alterations of nutrition may produce inflam-

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ofTering to the public, while eiercising the | Medical College of Virginia. — Dr. J as.

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invasions of pyogenetic cocci ; and the great frequency with which such

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tinctions, and general considerations relating to the changes in the solid

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but only if that Commission is composed of private sector experts as described below. Further, those criteria must

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In case his Saturday dinner had been inconsiderate enough to

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The Kentucky Valley Medical Association held its tenth semi-annual

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a judicious and prompt prophylaxis may ward off an at-

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est exertion. When young, had severe leucorrhoea before menstruating,

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characteristic plumose appearance. These whorls are 12 in number.

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ous clinical forms, Avhich are perfectly explained by a study of the

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On October i8th, nearly four months after the opera-