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or college, and subjected to his electrical treatment. — Scientific

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I^Jo sooner did suspicion fasten upon him than he was hounded

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" The connection between humidity and the rot is universally ad-

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leeches, blisters, antimonials, and finally mercurialization. No rehef

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and consequently the articulation is uncertain and interrupted, while in

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explain, and most diligently illustrate, the phenomena observed by means

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little Nitre) as alfo the Tinea, Alopecia, and other

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The Board of Censors reported four applications for membership,

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I now anticipated, that if the body was placed with the head down

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was no change of structure in the parts to which the symptoms referred

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already referred to ; others, however, are manifested in great and sud-

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in his limbs, and is not conscious of any loss of power until he attempts

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throat became inflamed, ranging in its pathological condition from

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As the means of communication are now-a-days so rapid, it is quite

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specially invaluable for the above cases, when complicated with auemia.

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symptoms, will often remove not merely those, but also other groups

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as to be immovable by the strongest pressure made with two fingers.

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bear it to-day, he may to-morrow or the day after ; and it is a most for-

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feet very cold. He had no pulmonary symptoms ; his belly was soft

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and will continue until the end of March, 1888. Preliminary Lectures will be held from 19th of

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on enormous bloating ; this passed off, the woman got well, and

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other diverticula of efferent ducts, namely the urinary bladder, and the

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remedies. Were such neglect of less frequent occurrence, it is probable

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Edwards, Thos. George, M.D., Anderson, Grimes County, Texas,

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Clinical Medicine in Great Britain and Ireland — The profession of Medicine,

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A.M., of Tuesday, June 8, and hold four days. The usual opening

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February 8, 1869. — Dr. W. F. Jackson read a paper entitled

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me. I never saw blood lost so rapidly in any surgical operation I ever

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to half-hour doses, until the excitement yielded ; after which it was given

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latina, and there are few cases in wliich there is more danger to be ap-

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A. J. Tafel, of Philadelphia, has in press and soon to be published,

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the human organism is very limited. Dr. Hale, in his New Reme-

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charges, and that the dysentery symptoms are in fact a sequel to the

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more than a single day. You may, therefore, apply blisters as excit-

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Wm. F. Guernsey, M.D., 4430 Frankfort Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

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sence of Dr. Ireland and myself, and by Mr. Harris. It was not made

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the Great Kind of Bafils, and not differing from the

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those instances in which we have succeeded in allaying symptoms of