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weeks' uterus. The hydatid mole of small size, retained until digitally removed

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hc/b that peripheral palsy and peripheral neuroses by preference affect

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fully up to date. If the succeeding volumes shall equal the

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thorough study of the subject. Many experiments are being

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elsewhere. Diseased bone could not be removed from the vertebral bodies, and

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Here a little lateral tear is all that takes place, and

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willing to do all they could. Two years ago a pint of certified

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Besnier, Fournier, and Hallopeau, all of whom declared

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Drs. Hitchcock, Lyster, and Baker were appointed a com-

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we learn much about humanity, the essentials of life which do not change from age to age.

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[Raimondi and Moscucci {Arch. Ital. Clin, di Med., Octo-

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" the community in which he moved will remember the frank and

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not a strange or unusual race in the world that was

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390 to 392.9 in the eighth and ninth revisions. Deaths attrib-

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By Dr. Lionel S. Beale, F.R.S., Fellow of the Royal College of

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and an eighth of a grain of the latter. In his own case three

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origin, as the cortical centre presides over the voluntary act of phonatory

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are symptoms in many acute diseases, but in recovery from fevers

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described as fearful, radiating down the left arm. He broke into

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real enjoyment that I had occasionally, and now I give that

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strengthened themselves in the best possible manner to protect our great

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bad salts or bitter water, preceded perhaps by a few

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House, This acted like a "coup de fouet," the temperature rising

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photocopy or other reproduction is not to be "used for any

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is likely to be of service as an internal antiseptic, especially in the treatment

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August lOM.— He had passed a tolerably quiet night : still com-

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She is quite tender on rectal examination, but no mass can

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terior soft parts from the astragalus. From inactivity and the proximity of a suppura-

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that experienced by patients suffering with metritis.

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scarce knew what he did, although, previous to this disease, his

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one-half of the cases of firm gelatinous glandular cysts coming to

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though its absurdity rivals the grossest delusions of the witchcraft era. The

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states that several times during infectious cases in childhood he

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