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gave especial authority and weight to the opinions expressed.

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subject. The German town of Frankfort-on-the-Main has

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rigid, and contains much muscular and fibrous tissue. The

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the number of red-blood globules, and in the quantity of haemoglobin.

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although with great difficulty, to allow the passage of a

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on this point. It is easy to keep the temperature almost constant, by covering

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ulcerative lesions for 20 cm. proximal to the margin

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Secretary, Dr. W. H. Dunlap, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Execu-

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the wall of the left ventricle is invariably associated with renal contraction.

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Office Hours by Appointment — Closed Wednesday Afternoons

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paper, said that the offending cause was some kind of

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The causes of haemoptysis have been already enumerated as those of

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lactose or milk sugar, and it is to be noted that the excess

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comes after food and as a result of food ; the brain type

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'fhe coccidium is an oval shaped- body surrounded by a

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skin, in chronic inflammations, a diverticulum of excitement is

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health, Dr. Cullis will have, what he deserves, commendations and

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The epithelial cells lining the uriniferous tubules of the kidney are

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It increases the flow of saliva and gastric juice, besides

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University of Birmingham, in a recent address expressed a

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and lose their leathery feel. The vessels reapjiear on the

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This paper represents an attempt to give some indication as to

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drawn from limestone underlying the rich prairies is excessively hard.

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phates. This is certainly not uncommon in protracted ill-