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She was in a very dirty condition and her scalp was covered with scabs

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begun to be disintegrated ; and it will not return so

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tions by the shock.* So also, we shall hereafter learn that the movements

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fession. He despised quackery in all its forms, and controlled in

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tuberculosis should be reported to the superintendent of 'the sana-

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Norton, 0. D., surgeon, detached from the "Solace" and ordered

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nual meeting of the British Medical Association, relates his experience

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phorus and strychnia are powerful remedies to nourish and stimulate

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extreme pallor, palpitation, and breathlessness on making any effort

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' According to Lehmann, diminution of the fibrin of the blood does not constantly

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hopeless state of prostration, we are never to desert him. Such strange

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laboratories of the Departments of Medicine and Surgery are in close physical connec-

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hered to the tumour towards its upper anil internal aspects, and

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'* That castration would cool the heat of those guilty of rape and nameless

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came much more rapidly developed, and local irritation again

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not to constrict the cord at either its new internal or external opening.

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power over them to that condition in which every trace of such power has

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first time for five days. Pain was again intense, and

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periosteum comprised in the flap brought with it the orbicular muscle, as well as the

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This sediment is washed clean and is the substance applied to

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to this department by the simplification of technic, is beautifully

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A new Synopsis of Nosology, founded on the Principles of

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fider intrepidity in the ufe of the lancet at prefent

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as attenuating or neutralizing the toxic principles of

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higher conversion rate. Adolescents are important not

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lowed by the same symptoms in the left leg, and gangrene of both.

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likely to be seriously involved than in ascending infections, while in the latter

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blood. Brain substauce normal, no exudation of blood or serum. Walls

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thus both the thirst and the dread of water is at once taken away.

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Argenti Nitras Fusus (Lunar Caustic). White or gray pencils.

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anatomy, pathology, etiolcgy, theories, gigantism, diagnosis and treatment of

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1894-). He sleeps well, has a good appetite, his bowels are

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a committee of the Berlin Medical Society are making

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tion, and those coils of intestine which could be reached with-

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much to the satisfaction of the practitioner, and obviate many

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The Canon is a reformer, and a radical one, with but little respect for cus-