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Sometimes profuse hemorrhage occurs in connection with epithelial cancer

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aphthae appear, and there is salivation, which is always markedly acid.

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sedatives, and stimulants. Among the leading depressants are antimony,

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venous congestion and cause a better filling of the arteries, but it exhausts

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cied dangers. It is very common for the minds of this class of patients to

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attendant of all forms of chronic Bright's disease. The theory that the

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veins and the basement membrane of the tnbules will be infiltrated.

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at the side, and with proper care and attention, may recover. The

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or stomach : — hence cirrhosis plays the most important part. Blows, in-

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endocarditis in scarlarinaor diphtheria in children ever causes mitral stenosis.

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takes place in a finger or toe. The disease is more common in the

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chloral may be given. Inunctions of oil, when the swelling is disappear-

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cence, are seen. Vomiting is rarely present, although nausea is a common

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the spine will be produced. There is usually limitation of motion in the

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"^sickish" odor to the breath in pyaemia, absent in septicaemia. Pyaemia

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tion removed by the absorbents. It is peculiar of tuberculosis that

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the mucous membrane is either generally thickened and indurated, or the

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Symptoms. — Intermittent, paroxysmal pain is its prominent symptom.

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compressed and bronchial, or broncho- vesicular breathing is present, with

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ety accompany the disease, and throughout its course the thirst is torment-

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that is, two remissions and two exacerbations. If this is true, it helps to

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rhoea ; Moxon confirms this. Young girls from fourteen to seventeen have it. Depressing mental emo-

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the tumor, coincident with a sudden discharge of a large quantity of pale

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it will continue until the termination of the disease. Delirium is preceded

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tonsil, has been reported in young persons in lower classes. Such sus-

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patient begins to fall. It may be necessary to lower the temperature of the

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Prognosis. — Witii the acute form, more than one-half die; with the

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nnknown. There is probably no intermediate state of the ova of T. dispar.

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Second. — High elevation is another condition inimical to its development.

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required in case of hemorrhage. It may be ligated in the calf, in the

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out fine proiecting spicule. The ^'''^te of Ammonia.

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uterine life is in danger from infection. Eai^ely does an individual have a

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memhrane from the blood-current, and induce necrotic changes that may

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given in active hypertemia from alcohol. \i\ congestion the attention must

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It must be given in full doses and continued until the desired effect is in-

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oxysmal shooting or stabbing pain over the heart, in the left shoulder, or

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the disease are developed ; of these jaundice is the earliest and most con-