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Lancd puts these hard questions; Can it be seriously conceived

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in this country. We know hardly a more melancholy spectacle than that

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the deaths from cirrhosis in men an increase of 12 per cent, and those from

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size was observed in the epidermal formations. There were no

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tooth-germ and the enamel-germ — existed separately.

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Deca-Mulcin, for teaspoon dosage, a pleasantly flavored

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repugnant to our nature, as that, for instance, next

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the body of an infant putrefies more rapidly than that of an adult. ( Iraite

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of his age. He studied medicine in Edinburgh, Scot-

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city of the material. I have straps of India rubber, to each end of which

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Our first inquiry must be whether the history furnished will throw

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cases the real inflammatory phenomena disappear very quickly, and the tubercu-

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of tonics and nutrients internally, we should also use

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4. Langrall HM, Baggenstoss AH and Wollaeger EE: Necropsy

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purulente enkvstSe. Arch. m6d. beiges, Brux., 1884, 3. s.,

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suit in mental impairment ^'"'"g '^^^ been made, not wisely but too

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538. Ginger Nuts (2) — Ingredients — %, lb. of butter, 2 lbs. of flour,

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the presence of the Congress and with the same results.

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three inches in circumference the urethra w<iuld be

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by pressure from behind, but it was firmly obstructed

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contraction of the extremities, &c., and sometimes causing convul-

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count of the interest in the anatomical lesions, and with-

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but there is some that escapes with the sweat. Patients, as a rule, express

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Service, the Patient Travel Section, and Occupational Health and Dental Unit.

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the degree of LL.D. was conferred on Dr. Francis J.

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vestigate and propose some line of treatment. W. R.

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June 1, 1900, disregarding the differences in dates for the intercensal

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improvement is seen, drop off remedies gradually, at first give

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angles, after heating in the flame of a gas-jet or of an

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The causes of death, in their order, are as follows: membranous croup or

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E. C— It docs not appear to us that Dr. Letheby favoured adulteration in

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scope into a dark cabinet, which was placed upon the

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menced to get back the use of his leg, and sensibility also

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up to have her bed remade, during which a neighbor's

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cause incontinence. Delirium, marked by a loss of alert-

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f.i^ nsit. _- -^, >''•»<.«■.«<. ..>.7a.tta"ii^'/-

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cytes, but chronic pulmonary tuberculosis and leukemia may coexist

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and the liver, and even the trachea and large bronchi, so

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upper fragment into full supination and to maintain it so in

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(such as milk, eggs, butter, cheese, white bread, rice, sago, and fruits) it

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well, has issued a report on the water supplied by the Kent, the

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varies in amount, but about 25 mils (6.7 fo) usually w^ill be